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Smith’s® Deluxe Knife & Hook Sharpener is the perfect tool for the avid outdoorsman.  It works best when trying to sharpen very dull or damaged knives and hooks, but can also be used to maintain the edge on already sharp knives.  The sharpener is lightweight, compact, and durable, and comes with a soft grip handle, a non-slip base, and a line cutter built into the sidewall.  Don’t leave home without your Smith’s Deluxe Knife & Hook Sharpener. 

features & benefits

Quickly sharpens fillet and pocket knives and various size hooks

Two stage knife sharpening - Coarse & Fine

Line cutter

Lightweight, compact, and durable

Soft grip and non-slip base

care & use

Knife Sharpening Instructions:  Straight-edged blades with a flat grind on both sides of the blade only.
1.    Place sharpener on a flat, sturdy surface.  Hold the sharpener with one hand and your knife with the other.  (see Fig. 1)  CAUTION:  Keep fingers behind the finger guard or injury could occur.   
2.    Select the appropriate sharpening slot to use.
COARSE – start here if your knife blade is extremely dull or damaged.  Quickly puts a new, sharp cutting edge on your blade.  Normally, it takes 5 or 6 strokes to set an edge on your blade, but knives made of harder steels could take additional strokes.

FINE – use this slot for smoothing and finishing the cutting edge after setting it in the COARSE slot, or start here if your knife blade is already sharp but needs a quick touch up.  Normally, it takes 8 to 10 strokes to finish or maintain the edge, but knives made of harder steels could take additional strokes.

NOTE:  A reasonably sharp blade may only require light honing in the FINE slot.  The COARSE  slot is intended for very dull or damaged edges that require a new sharp edge to be put on the blade.

3.    Insert knife blade fully into the sharpening slot and tilt the tip of the blade slightly downward.  (see Fig. 2)
4.    Apply moderate downward pressure on the blade while pulling the knife blade through the sharpening slot from heel to tip.  (see Fig. 2)  Make sure you sharpen the cutting edge all the way out to the tip of the blade.
5.    Repeat this action until blade is sharp, always pulling the blade through the sharpening slot from heel to tip (never back and forth).

Hook Sharpening Instructions:
1.     Select the appropriate sharpening groove to use based on the size of your hook.
2.    Place the hook in the groove as shown and rub the point of the hook back and forth until sharp. (see Fig. 3)