Debur tool swivel head, heavy duty metal handle

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Deburr Tool Swivel head HD

  • Professional Quality
  • Two interchangeable blades
  • We have replacement blades available.

I had never used a deburr tool before. I had seen them for years and always wondered what good they were. When I was developing the No Weld Grinder/Sander, I cut dozens (hundreds?) of pieces of pipe. They usually had a small, crazy sharp burr on the inside of the pipe. I would try and grind this out and cut myself several times, once fairly deep when I didn't grind out the burr. I ordered these deburr tools in out of frustration and gave this one a try. It is amazing how will it works to take out the burr on the inside of the cut. Amazing. I was digging through my scrap cut pipe for more pipe to deburr. I put one of these in my shop for use going forward. Highly recommended if you are going to cut anything that leaves a burr you can grind away easily.


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