Cordura Black Canvas - Folder Knife Case K5B 16pack Medium

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16 pack Medium Folder Case

Holds 16 folding knives!
Slot size is: approx 3.75"x1.5"

NOTE: The dimensions are outside dimensions (unless stated otherwise) and they are approximate. We can’t tell you exactly which of your knives will fit inside the case since some knives are thicker, some are longer, etc. Allow about an inch in length for the inside length and a half to 3/4 inch for width and you should be close. If your knife dimensions are really close, consider stepping up a size.

A quality case. Cordura black canvas exterior with a  plush gray fleece lining. Hook and loop closure. Edges are all double sewn with pleat tape for strength and clean appearance.

This is easy to under estimate due to the low price but this line of cases is one of the best deals I have on the entire site.