Corby Bolt - Brass - MICRO .095" shaft diameter, .125" shoulder diameter

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Corby Style Bolts


Micro Corby Dimensions

        .095" Shaft Diameter, .125" Shoulder Diameter

        .320" Shaft Length, .156" Shoulder Length

        .187" Thread Length

       .638" OAL Length, .760" Max OAL Length


        Both Ends Slotted


Use these Corby style bolts to connect handles to a knife tang. For a full tang knife:
You drill a hole in the tang the size of the shaft. Then you drill holes part way through the handle material the diameter of the shoulder.
For a hidden tang knife:

Dry mount your handle to the hidden tang so it doesn't move. Drill a hole through both handle and tang in one pass. Then drill the handle material partially to depth the diameter of the shoulder.

Screw the two parts together fastening the scales to the tang. The ends of the bolts are slotted so you can use a screw driver on both ends to tighten the bolt. When you have it tight, you grind off the excess bolt material leaving a nice pin showing. You can also grind the shaft and/or threads to shorten them up. The shoulder and shaft are almost certainly longer than the thickest handle/tang combination.

We have these custom made exclusively for us. 

NOTE: These are sold in single bolts. You will probably need to order 2 of these for a typical knife handle. The picture shows the 4 sizes we have in both Brass and 303 Stainless for reference. You are ordering one each as shown above.