Chain Ring Bolt 1/4" Brass MALE dia x .50"L 8-32

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Chain Ring Bolt MALE (picture shows SET - female end not included in this listing)

MFR # CB312x25_BR

  • Bright Brass
  • Male parts (1ea)
  • 1/4" diameter
  • .76" max length
  • 8-32 thread
  • .311" slotted head diameter

We have these custom made for us. To our knowledge, no one else has these in this size or to these specifications.

These are bright brass chain ring bolts. These are styled like the bigger ones used on bicycles that have been making their way over to the folder world.

These are machined to 1/2 thousand tolerance and can be used as a stand off or handle scale bolt.

If you need more length, we suggest buying a couple Male parts and using a connector between them.

NOTE: Several sets are shown for clarity of illustration. You purchasing 1 MALE piece of the size indicated above. You may need two sets for a knife handle, depending on your design.