Pivot Barrel 3/16" x .6" L for folders 6-32 Thread - Screws Sold Separately

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Pivot 3/16" x.6"L  Barrel - Hardened 416ss

  • Drilled and tapped for 6-32 Button
  • Screws are sold seperately - for a reason - see the note below
  • Made in the USA

We had these custom made for use. The list another barrel pivot sized at 3/16"x1/2"  and those are threaded for 2-56 which means the screw head is smaller than the barrel. These 3/16" x .6" are threaded for 6-32 screws so the screw head is now quite a bit larger than the barrel. A 6-32 button head screw head may vary in size from .250" to .267" inches. The barrel is .1875" so there is a significant overlap on the screw head to the barrel. This makes more sense to a lot of builders. The smaller threaded pivots are used quite a bit by straight razor makers.

This style pivot is commonly used in friction folders or slippies.A 6-32 button head is fairly stout size so this will give you folder a bigger look. You can also use these for stand off's.

NOTE: So why not include the screws?

We couldn't figure out which screws would be most used. The barrel is over sized at .6" in length for a reason. We needed to place big order to keep the cost down. Ordering three or four lengths would have made them too expensive. You will need to shorten these to the length you need. We couldn't even begin to guess at that length and then if you were going to use black ox or stainless. So....screws are sold seperately and I realize we don't sell screws in sets of two. We'd go broke doing that. We do sell them for a reasonable 5 or 6 bucks for a 25 pack in several lengths and black or stainless.

Note: Several are pictured for item clarity. You are ordering these by eaches.

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