Carbon Fiber & Yellow G10 1/8" - Knife Handle Material

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Carbon Fiber & Yellow G10 1/8"x1.5"x6" Pair of Scales
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Carbon Fiber & Yellow G10 1/8"x6"x12 Sheet
Carbon Fiber & Yellow G10 1/8" x 12" x 12" Square
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Carbon Fiber & Yellow G10 1/8" 12" x 24" Rectangle
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Carbon Fiber layered G10

  • 2x2 Layers
  • Layered with Yellow
  • 1/8" Thickness

This G10 has 2x2 layers (2 layers of glass mat and carbon fiber mat alternating) of G10. This stuff is amazing.
*NOTE: If you purchase 12"x12" Or 12"x24" Sheet there could be a lead time depending on In Stock Quantities.
Tip: Try different buff compounds with G10 or Micarta. Some work better than others.
Avoid starting with a clash color such as black compound with white (or light) G10 for example. Once a clashing color gets embedded into some G10 or Micarta, you have to sand it out.