Carbide Twist Drill- .1562 diameter-5/32"

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5/32" Carbide Twist Drill

Use these bits to drill through hardened steel. Please note carbide bits are fragile and will break easily if mis-used. If you break one, you own both pieces. I've tested these on hardened materials and they will work fine. 

Domestic prices for Carbide bits are insanely high. After looking for nearly a year, I finally found a source that I can import these myself from China at a huge price savings. Check around for prices on carbide drill bits. These are priced very well.

Some tips: Use cutting oil and don't let the bit bind in the hole. Clear your chips frequently. If the bit binds up, they will simply spin and crack in half. (I've had two knives leave the shop with hidden broken carbide bits in the tang.) They also don't take side to side torque or twist. Make sure you are straight up and down or square to your work. Unless you have a very steady hand, use them only in a drill press. Don't use a spotting drill to start the hole. Carbide bits will start their own hole easily. If you aren't working in hardened steel, use a normal drill bit. Save these for use only in hardened steel.