Caliper Digital &Fractional 6" General Tools 1460

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6” Carbon Fiber Caliper

• Lightweight, non-marring construction.
• Tri-Mode digital display – inches, millimeters, and fractions.
• For making inside, outside, depth and step measurements.
• Range 0-6" (0-150mm)
• Resolution 0.0005” (0.01mm or 1/64").
Accuracy 0.001” (+/- 0.02mm).  
• Auto on/off feature preserves battery life.
• Compact, pocket-sized design.
• Bar scale is graduated in inches and millimeters.
• Free-wheeling friction roller advances and retracts slide.
• Extendable depth gage for use in slots and small holes.
• Replacement Battery - SR44

Our Carbon Fiber Digital Fractional Caliper brings you three universal systems of measurement, making it an equally practical choice for both professional and do-it-yourself projects. The high-contrast digital display easily switches between inches, millimeters and fractions, with guaranteed accuracy to 0.001”. In addition, the lightweight, non-marring carbon fiber construction delivers accurate readings of inside, outside, step and depth measurements.