Buff Compound Tripoli T-19 3lb Bar

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Made in the USA

JB Weld

  • 2 part epoxy
  • Perfect for sealing bolsters!
  • Max temp 600F
  • Does not conduct electricity

I stopped soldering bolsters a long time ago and switched to JB Weld. The purpose of soldering a bolster is not to hold it on, it is to seal the crack. JB Weld does that perfectly with out caustic etching and hours of clean up from solder and flux splatter. JB Weld won't corrode your knife from the inside out like you have seen on a lot of knives over 20 years.

Tip: smear it in between your bolster and tang (or frame if it is a folder) and attach you bolster like normal. Keep it out of the pin holes or you will get round rings where the pins are. (always keep the pin holes perfectly clean) Wait until the JB Weld skins over and starts to cure. Using a broken popsicle stick (called craft sticks in the stores), use the jagged, broken edge as a wooden scraper to clean up the seams. I then use a paper towel wrapped around the broken craft stick soaked in rubbing alcohol. If the color turns out to be just a bit lighter than the steel when it is fully cured, use a sharpie to darken it and wipe off the sharpie mark from the metal. This is an epoxy, and like all epoxies you should not get it on  your skin. It won't kill you or make you sick today but who knows what it will do 10 or 20 years from now to your liver. Wear gloves.