Book - Tormek HB-10E The Tormek Handbook

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Tormek HB-10E The Tormek Handbook

**Please note these will be dropped shipped to you directly from Tormek**


The book is enclosed with each Tormek machine. It can also be bought separately through your dealer.


This book explains the basics of edge tool sharpening including Grinding and Sharpening, Edge Angle and Bevel Angle, Dry Grinding and Wet Grinding, Vertical and Horizontal Grinders, Hollow Bevel, Grinding Direction, Grinding Pressure, Tool Rests and Grinding Jigs, Honing, Sharpening Techniques for Carving Gouges and V-tools and Sharpening Techniques for Turning Tools.

The book also gives you useful hints and describes the unique Tormek method of grinding, sharpening and honing and how to work with it. More than 600 detailed line drawings show, step by step, how best to grind most type of edge tools.