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Knifemaking Hacks 384 Tips to make knives like the pros By Jason Fry

When Jason Fry decided he wanted to be a knifemaker, he quickly realized there were two facets to learning the craft: Let experience be his teacher but, just as importantly, heed the advice of the countless makers who contribute to the excellence of the custom knife industry.

Knifemaking Hacks: 384 Tips to Make Knives Like the Pros is a blend of what Fry has learned in 13 years of turning steel into custom creations, plus words of wisdom from some of the world’s finest knifemaking artisans.

The tips inside are valuable and insightful, with occasional bits of just the right dose of humor. Whether you’re a seasoned knifemaker or just getting started, this collection is sure to fuel you with fresh inspiration the next time you make knives.