Book - Knife Mechanisms Volume 2 - 2nd Edition - by LeRoi Price

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Knife Mechanisms Volume 2 "and still just for the fun of it" by LeRoi Price


Dont' take it too serious, it's just for fun.  This is not a "how to do it" book.  It is a "how they done it" book.

Great to be together again for Book Two!  Let's dig in and discover a lot more fun stuff on knife mechanisms.  How they work.  From opening SNAP, to closing CLICK! And study most every aspect of the  mechanism.  Why was it made the way it was? Why is it good, or not? We'll pick them apart, critically, and literally.  That is all part of the fun of learning.  Learning all of the mechanical details come first.  Then the physics, machanics, and materials of a knife.  Then perhaps some little bits of history, manufacturing, and even points on knife ergonomics.  But only if those facts are interesting, and pertinent.  I call it gettinga t the essence of the mechanism.

The fantastic little machines are all theones I wanted to cover in Boook One, Knife Mechanisms just for the fun of it!, but I ran out of time.  Like Double Action out the Front switchblades (DAOTF), Stiletto, Double Action Scale Release, Liner-Locks, Assisted Out the Front, Balisong, and many, many, many more.

This book is inteded for collectors.  But so many knife makers got Book One I though I'd add in a little reference material since stuff like tap-drill charts come in handy.  (I hope this shows how hard I work for the readers!)  Like the Drill Card by Starrett on the back of the cover.  The colors in the chart are helpful so I dedided to print it on the cover.  Would you rather have a picture of the author?  I didn't think so.  This courtsey in no way represents an endorsement by Starrett.

There couldn't be a better time for Book Two.  There is so much new to learn about.  Now let's go discover the essence of knife mechanism, just for the fun of it!


LeRoi Price


392 pages in B&W including photos and drawings on almost every page giving you a visualization of mechanisms. There are descriptions of how they work. And usually discussions on the mechanical good points. We suggest this book for anyone interested in knives and the inner workings of knives.