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Bladesmithing with Murray Carter


         - Soft Cover

         - 158 Pages


Bladesmithing with Murray Carter provides detailed explanations of traditional Japanese bladesmithing techniques that until now have been cloaked in mystery and myth. After spending 18 years in Japan, where author Murray Carter lived and worked as a village bladesmith, he now wants to share his wealth of information for the benefit of the curious reader and Japanese knife enthusiast alike. Throughout Bladesmithing with Murray Carter, the reader will be provided with an in-depth look into traditional Japanese Cutlery forging techniques and their modern applications, along with a collection of photos that document a large selection of Carter's blades. The detailed information guides an inspiring bladesmith to become a successful smith in the Japanese style of blade making. Fans of Murray's 15,000 knives will be delighted to see a comprehensive book written by the knives' creator. Also: Photos document a large selection of Carter's blades, which will provide a useful reference for Carter Cutlery Blade collectors.

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