Book - Blades Guide to Making Knives 3rd Edition

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BLADE's Guide to Making Knives

Hone your knifemaking skills to perfection!

Nine of the world's most skilled bladesmiths have brought together the expertise gained from decades of perfecting the craft into this book--all to give you the best resource available on how to create edged masterpieces of your own.

Blade's Guide to Making Knives 3rd Edition will give you an apprenticeship in knifemaking from master craftsmen Abe Elias, Tim Zowada, Wally Hayes, Don Fogg, Steve Culver, Rick Dunkerley, Kevin L. Hoffman, Ryan Johnson and Murray Carter. The coveted material they share inside this book is the equivalent of trade secrets--and whether you're new to blade building or an experienced edged implement creator--it will save you the years of trial and error, frustration and mistakes they made while learning the craft.

Featured topics include:

  • Designing knives with CAD software
  • How to build swords, combination weapons, kitchen knives, bushcraft blades and more
  • Forging, heat treating, grinding, polishing and sheath making techniques

Step-by-step instructions, more than 500 full-color photos and a treasure trove of professional tips and insights make this a must-have book for anyone interested in the ancient art of knifemaking.