Band Saw Blade 93" x 3/4" x .032" 18 REGULAR tooth

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Metal Cutting Band Saw Blades


  • 93" x 3/4" x .032" fit most 7" x 12" horizontal metal cutting band saws
  • 18 regular tooth
  • Hard Back

These are high quality bandsaw blades by the same company as Foredom tools.

Some general blade information:

Hard Edge Hard Back permits greater tension, improved blade rigidity, straighter, more accurate cuts, and greater blade strength allowing higher feed pressure. Ideal for easy-to-machine metal and similar materials at slow speeds and interrupted cuts such as pipe, tube, channel stock, etc. These 1/2" wide blades offer economy & value for mild contour cuts on vertical machines and cutoff operations on common horizontal band saws.

Narrow widths are for vertical band saws to cut radii in hard-to-machine die steels, for contour cutting, re-sawing exotic woods, and for solids and for interrupted cutting.