Atlas Forge Burners and Regulator

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Atlas Small Burner - 30k (0-20 PSI)
Atlas Large Burner - 100k (0-20PSI)
Atlas Forge 0-20 PSI Pressure Regulator
Atlas Forge 0-20 PSI Pressure Dual Tank Regulator
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Atlas Forge Burner and 0-20 PSI Regulator

A note from the manufacture

The Small Burner is Designed for smaller forges such as the Atlas Mini and small propane tank forges. 
Hot enough to forge weld. 
The Large Burnder is designed for larger forges
Burners have Stainless steel construction.  Actual product may vary slightly from picture shown.
Regulator is 0-20PSI adjustable and includes fitting to connect to burner.

If it sputters when you first light it, just give it a little more propane and it will burn fine.

Small Burner - 30k
  • 30k burner produces 30k BTU @ 20 PSI
  • 6″ burner tube length
  • 0.840″ outside diameter
Large Burner - 100k
  • 100k burner produces 100k BTU @ 20 PSI
  • 6″ burner tube length
  • 1.050″ outside diameter