52100 Bar Stock Steel 3/16" (.187) Thickness - See Length Note

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52100 - 3/16" (.187) x 1" Sold by the Foot
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52100 - 3/16" (.187) x 4" Sold by the Foot
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52100 Carbon Steel


We buy this in 36" lengths and sell it in 12", 24", 36" lengths.

If you buy 1ea, you will get a stick 12" long by the width and thickness shown.

If you buy 2, you will get a bar that is 24" in length.

If you buy 3, you will get a bar that is 36" in length.

**If you buy 2 or 3 and want it cut into 12" length pieces, please specify in the comments section that you would like them cut into 12" pieces.

**Advertised price is for 1qty 12" piece


A high carbon chromium alloy steel, 52100 is excellent to use in forging, grinding, and cutlery production. It is a tough steel that has very fine grain when heat treated well. Depending on the final hardness, 52100 can make great hunting knives(59-61 HRC), kitchen knives(61-63 HRC), and can also make tough chopping knives if tempered to 57-59 HRC. It can also be forge-welded to other steels, such as 410 or 416 Stainless. 52100 comes pickled and annealed.


C- .940

Si- .070

Mn- .310

P- .0050

S- .0010

Cr- 1.420

Mo- .015

Cu- .035

Al- .026

Annealed Structure: 95% spherodized carbides


Heat Treatment for 52100 Carbon Steel

Place blade in forge or Heat treat oven pre-heated to Austenitizing temp 1475°-1500°F (soak for 5 - 15 minutes if using a heat treat oven)

Quench in medium speed oil like Park's AAA

Temper between 350° to 450°F twice for 2 hours each time. Cool to room temperature in between tempers.

Use 350°F for hardness of 63-64 HRC (Kitchen and slicing knives)

Use 400°F for hardness of 60-61 HRC (Hunting and general use knives)

Use 450°F for hardness of 57-58 HRC (Hard use knives)