410ss Stainless Steel Sheet

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410ss .040" x12" x 12"Stainles Steel
410ss .050" x12" x12" Stainles Steel
410ss .250"x12"x12" Stainless Steel
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410 Stainless Steel

  • Low Carbon Stainless
  • Used for liners, guards, bolsters etc.
  • Not suitable for knife blades

410 Stainless steel is used commonly in liners for folding knives. The advantage to 400 series stainless over 300 series is that is can be heat treated. It is slightly magnetic.

Tip: To harden bring it to non-magnetic temperature and then cool rapidly under a fan. This is really simple with a small piece cut to size and using a small MAP gas torch. Heat it up until a magnet doesn't stick any more and then cool it off. It will pick up 5 or 6RC hardness. Usually, 400 series stainless doesn't get much harder than mid 40's so don't expect it to blade hard. The idea behind this is to give your folder just a little more stiffness.

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