.2460 diameter - #D Drill Bit Cobalt - Jobber length Premium

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Cobalt M42 135degree split point Heavy Duty

Heavy-duty 135degree split point with gold finish for use in drilling hard tough metals, free machining stainless steel, high temperature alloys, titanium and certain plastics. High red hardness of cobalt steel permits speeds 30% higher than regular high-speed steel drills.

The gold finish helps with lubricity to ease galling and sticking with certain metals like Titanium, 303 stainless and nickel silver commonly used in fixed blade and folder making.

A 135degree point is for metal. 118degree point is better suited for softer materials like wood.

A split point reduces the bit from walking or wandering when you are starting the hole.

A jobber length bit is shorter in length than a typical 118degree wood drill bit is. This makes the bit just a little stiffer for a rounder, straighter hole.