WorkSharp WSKTS-Ken Onion Assorted Belt Kit

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WSKTS Knife and Tool Sharpener replacement belt kit includes 1 of each belt: 

  • P120 Extra Coarse Grit, 3/4" x 12"
  • X65 Coarse Grit (P220 equivalent), 3/4" x 12"
  • X22 Medium Grit (P1000 equivalent), 3/4" x 12"
  • X4 Fine Grit (P3000 equivalent), 3/4" x 12"
  • 6000 Extra Fine Grit, 1/2" x 12"

For use with the WSKTS-KO Sharpening Cassette ONLY!


I get asked all the time by non-knife makers what is the best way to sharpen knives? I tell them to get a belt grinder and sharpen them the same way custom knife makers sharpen their knives. This isn't a great answer because they are too expensive for most knife enthusiasts that aren't in the business. This tool comes as close to sharpening a knife like a knife maker as I have seen for a fraction of the price of a belt sander. I came across the Work Sharp booth at the annual Blade Show in Atlanta and tried this unit out. It works, it's simple, it's inexpensive. This little unit will put a nice convex edge on your knife or tool, just like a custom knife maker does.

Ken Onion Edition - Instructional Video from DAREX on Vimeo.

Ken Onion Edition - Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener from DAREX on Vimeo.