Wheel - Soft Poly Contact Wheel 4" Diameter 2" Wide 1/2" bore 40duro

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  1. Great time saver
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    Great for blending and removing grind marks that are very time consuming if done by hand sanding.

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Soft Polyurethane 4"x 2" Contact Wheel

  • 40 Durometer
  • 1/2" bore with bearings
  • Aluminum core with quality bearings installed.
  • The tire is 1/2" thick and is quite a bit softer than a 'normal' contact wheel.
  • Polyurethane wheels are some what new to knife grinders but they have been around for decades in various forms and have a proven track record as contract grinding wheels.

Most contact wheels sold to knife makers are 70 durometer.  I will use these for handle and guard shaping. The 40 duro tire is soft enough that you can push into it approx 1/4" with your thumb. On a typical 70 duro wheel, you can push in with your thumb and feel a slight give right under the pressure point where it might flex a few thousands of an inch. The 40 duro is much softer and will allow you to push into the wheel for shaping contours more and it won't bounce (as much) off the item you grinding as a 'normal' wheel would. Another comparison on softness is to think of an architects or artist eraser, the blond looking type, not the typical school kids rubber abrasive eraser. Note in the picture the edges are slightly contoured from the manufacturing process.

They do have a melting point of 185F degrees which is less than a typical rubber wheel so give the wheel a break to cool on extended grinding sessions. This is never going to be a problem for knife grinders but if I don't point it out, some one else will.

I had these custom made for my own shop and ordered in bulk quantity to get the cost down and to list here.