Wheel - Poly Contact Wheel 8" Diameter 2" Wide 1/2" bore 60duro BLUE

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Polyurethane Contact Wheel

  • Idler type contact wheel with aluminum hub and 1/2" ID bearings.
  • Aluminum core with quality bearings installed.
  • Blue 60 Durometer Polyurethane
  • The tire is 1/2" thick.
  • Polyurethane wheels are some what new to knife grinders but they have been around for decades in various forms and have a proven track record as contract grinding wheels.

Use a 1/2" shaft to mount these wheels. I use a 1/2" standard bolt.

We use Machinery Bushings (washers) that are 1/2" ID and with the OD just under the OD of the bearings. Use one on each side of the wheel and standard large fender type washers to center your wheel after that. You can order the machinery bushings from us or your local farm store may have them.

On a typical 70A duro wheel, you can push in with your thumb and feel a slight give right under the pressure point where it might flex a few thousands of an inch. A 60A durometer wheel is a bit softer than that. This means you apply more pressure, the wheel will compress slightly to fill your hollow grinds.

These are a low cost substitute for rubber contact wheels. You can use these in the No Weld Grinder Plans. You probably couldn't tell these apart from rubber contact wheels comparing them side by side.

They do have a melting point of 185F degrees which is less than a typical rubber wheel so give the wheel a break to cool on extended grinding sessions. This is never going to be a problem for knife grinders but if I don't point it out, some one else will.

Someone will ask what is the quality difference between these poly wheels and the Beaumont Metals Rubber contact wheels you sell? Great question! Quality. These poly wheels are good, Beaumont wheels are great.

Beaumont Metals contact wheels use vulcanized rubber for their contact wheels which has been around for decades and has a proven, long term track record. The hubs are precision CNC milled and the wheels are trued up by Beaumont Metals. The poly wheels are good and becoming increasingly popular due to their lower cost. I'd suggest stepping up to the Beaumont rubber contact wheel for your main grinding wheel and filling in your wheel tool selection with poly wheels.

I use these on my own No Weld Grinders I have built.