New UltreX™ Products

What Is UltreX?

UltreX™ is the ultimate in toughness, durability, and performance. It's a visually stunning composite material.
UltreX™ is available in mutiple formats; Micarta®, G10, peel ply, and several color combinations.
The UltreX™ G10 uses a 7628 Matte which gives it a much tighter weave when shaped and polished.

UltreX™ is Made in the USA!

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UltreX™ G10

UltreX™ G10 has a small weave glass matte which gives the material a tight weave appearance once shaped and polished.

UltreX™ Micarta

Micarta® was the original knife handle material.
Before that, it proved its toughness and durability in demanding industrial applications.