Ultra Lube Cutting and Drilling Oil 16oz Norseman

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ultra lube 16oz
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Ultra Lube Cutting and Drilling Oil 16oz Norseman

Ultra Lube Super Premium Cutting Lubricant

  • Cutting Tool Lubricant. Use for tapping and drilling.
  • Ultra Lube High Performance
  • High Viscosity: Super concentrated no run formula.

Clings to vertical surfaces for continual lubrication. Rich gold color and thick consistency gives a quality appearance not available with runny fluids. Virtually smoke free in even the most heat prone applications. Contains no ozone depleting substances. This fluid will extend tool life and yield a super smooth machined finish.

I had originally ordered the 4oz bottle to sell and thought I better try the stuff. I have been working on developing the No Weld Grinder/Sander for the last several months and have been drilling HUNDREDS of holes. Big ones, little ones - lots of them. I have several different kinds or cutting oil in my shop and I wouldn't normally think anything of using what ever was in reach but I kept going back to the Ultra Lube. The stuff is great. I now have a bottle by every drill press and tapping station I have. I'll also be using a dash of this on my metal band saw for cutting. Anyway, I liked it so much I went back and ordered the 16oz bottle to stock. It's cheap enough at around 8 bucks but it will last a very long time.

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