U-Weld Grinder- Attachment Options

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U-Weld Grinder- Adjustable Tool Rest Kit
U-Weld Grinder- 12” Vertical Support Kit
U-Weld Grinder- 8" Wheel Attachment Kit Free Shipping
U-Weld-Grinder- Slack/ Flat Platen Kit Free Shipping
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U-Weld Grinder Attachments

  • Choose from the 8" Wheel Attachment, Slack/Flat Platen Attachment, Adjustable Tool Rest or 12" Mount
  • 12" Mount will enable you to raise your grinder's mount height up so the motor can swing down
  • Adjustable tool rest attaches to your grinder to help with safely and securely grinding tools on the platen or 8" wheel
  • Slack/ Flat Platen Attachment has a glass platen welded on so you can flat grind your blades
  • 8" Wheel Attachement helps with hollow grinding your blades
  • All attachments are sold as a kit as pictured and does not come welded or painted

Download PDF - Welding And Assembly Instructions for U-Weld Grinder