Sentry Solutions - Tuf-Cloth (tm) 12"x12"

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 Sentry Solutions  Tuf-Cloth 12"x12" Oil free shield cleaning cloth
Sentry Solutions - Tuf-Cloth (tm) 12"x12"  Sentry Solutions  Tuf-Cloth 12"x12" Oil free shield cleaning cloth
The lint-free replacement for oil and silicone rags. Tuf-Cloth applies a water-displacing, micro-bonded crystal barrier to protect against rust, friction, and wear in any condition, for all of your firearms and metal equipment. Tuf-Cloth provides superior protection compared to any oil or silicone based products against moisture; including extreme conditions and environments. Tuf-Cloth’s 12” by 12” lint-free fabric makes oil rags and disposable wipes obsolete. Tuf-Cloth can be used again and again, literally hundreds of uses, just return Tuf-Cloth to the vapor barrier pouch and re-seal it. If your Tuf-Cloth does dry out, simply restore it to its previous condition by using a touch of Tuf-Glide™; a partner for Tuf-Cloth using the same quick-drying mineral spirit carrier. With one simple swipe of the Tuf-Cloth, your outdoor gear is properly lubricated and protected from rust. Issued and used by more than 60,000 troops to replace CLP during operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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