Tormek TBM-703 T7 Magnum System

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TBM-703 T7 Magnum System

Tormek TBM-703 T7 Magnum System: T7, HTK706, & TNT708

**Please note these will be dropped shipped to you directly from Tormek**

T-7 Sharpening machine plus the Hand Tool System. This kit contains the T-7 Machine and jigs for sharpening your knives, scissors, draw knives and axes as well as short chisel and carving tools along with all of your turning tools.


Knife Jig

Long Knife Jig

Scissors Jig

Short Tool Jig

Axe Jig

Small Knife Holder

Gouge Jig

Multi Jig

Turning Tool Setter

Tool Rest

Profiled Leather Honing Wheel

Machine Cover

Woodturner's Instruction Box

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