Tormek SVS-50 Multi Jig

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SVS-50 Multi Jig

Tormek SVS-50 Multi Jig

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It is not without reason, this jig is named "Multi Jig". It consists of a housing and two interchangeable seats for different types of tools, one open seat and one closed seat, which really makes it two jigs in one. You can sharpen square and skew turning chisels with straight or curved edges as well as parting tools, roughing gouges and gouges and chisels for woodcarving.

The closed seat: The closed seat has been developed for the precision sharpening of square and skew chisels for woodturning and woodcarving. Since the chisel is mounted in the center of the seat, you only need to mount the tool once for grinding both bevels. When one side is ready, you simply turn the jig upside down and sharpen the other side until they are symmetrical.

Due to the patented design, this jig can also sharpen oval section skews. The jig aligns the skew so that it is parallel with the universal support.

The open seat: The open seat, where the tool is fixed with a top screw (5), is used for tools which have the edge ground square across the shank, such as parting tools, roughing gouges and wide carving gouges. The seats are mounted with a bottom screw (6), which also locks the chosen skew angle. A scale on each seat shows the skew angle.

Superior Edge: Wet grinding on your Tormek gives you a very sharp edge that will last much longer. A really sharp gouge cuts easily and will give the wood a very fine surface, often there is no need for sanding.

Gentle on the steel: With the Tormek system the edge is cooled continuously with water and there is no risk of the steel to become overheated and lose its hardness.

Using SVS-50 with the TTS-100 Turning Tool Setter: For sharpening woodturning tools, we highly recommend you to use the SVS-50 jig together with the TTS-100 Turning Tool Setter. That way you can exactly replicate the shape and edge angle over and over again, which leaves you more time for turning.

Using SVS-50 on a bench grinder: For woodturning tools, if you need to remove a lot of steel fast in order to change a profile or create a smaller edge angle, you can with the mounting set BGM-100 also use SVS-50 on a bench grinder. But here you need to pay attention so that you do not burn the edge. After the initial rough shaping on a bench grinder, keep the tool in the jig and move over to the Tormek machine to give the edge the final sharpness.

Design: This patented jig consists of a housing (1) and two interchangeable seats – one closed, (2) and one open, (3). The seats can swivel and be locked with the screw (6) at any skew angle between 0° and 45°. Skew chisels have symmetrical bevels on both sides. With this jig you mount the tool only once for grinding both the bevels. By turning the jig upside down you can grind both of the bevels symmetrically.

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