Tormek SVP-80 Moulding Knife Attachment

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SVP-80 Moulding Knife Attachment

Tormek SVP-80 Moulding Knife Attachment

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The Tormek Moulding Knife Jig SVP-80 sharpens all makes and shapes of moulding knifes with 24, 30 or 36 mm distance between the hole-centers. Max width 100 mm (4"). Also for profiled paint removal blades. Since you sharpen the flat back surface of the knife, you can use the jig regardless of the profile.

Design: The attachment comprises a base (1), a knife holder (2), an extra Universal Support (3) with micro adjust (4) and two pairs of hollow pins (5 and 6) for the knife holder.

The base is mounted on this extra Universal Support and on the existing Universal Support of the machine. The base is locked with the screw (7). An arm (8), which is locked with an adjustable hand lever (9), stabilizes the construction.

The knife is placed on the pair of hollow pins on the knife holder. A magnet (13) keeps the knife in place. The holder has holes to fit various knife standards. Two pair of pins (Ø4 and Ø5 mm) come with the jig.

The knife holder (2) glides on the base (1), which has PTFE surfaces to minimise the friction. The knives are ground on the face. Adjusting the nut on the horizontal Universal Support sets the grinding depth.

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