Tormek Sharpening System Hand Tool Bundle

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Tormek Sharpening System Hand Tool Bundle

A COMPLETE SHARPENING SYSTEM FOR HAND TOOLS – This bundle combines our finest water cooled sharpening system (the T-8) with a full hand tool sharpening jig and accessory kit. • INCLUDES THE HAND TOOL SHARPENING KIT (HTK-706)– This includes 6 jigs for sharpening hand tools like knives, scissors, axes, carving tools, and more. • OUR BEST SHARPENER – The T-8 system represents our finest sharpener. Water cooled, and built for precision sharpening and long tool life, this system will keep your tools and accessories razor sharp and always ready to work. Has both a grinding and honing wheel. • LOTS OF EXTRAS, INCLUDING A SEVEN YEAR WARRANTEE – Comes with an angle master, honing compound, diamond truing tool, and more. It’s a sharpening shop in a box! • FOR HAND TOOL SHARPENING, THIS IS A COMPLETE KIT – If hand tool sharpening is what you are after, this is the kit you want. But because it’s by Tormek, there are plenty of optional accessories for those who wish to expand their sharpening repertoire.

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