Thread Lock RED Permanent Vibra-Tite 10ml - Expired

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13110 Red threadlock-Expired
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Permanent Thread Lock

NOTE: This sealant is past the expiration date but is still in liquid form. Selling for 70% off.


For knife use, apply to handle fasteners to keep your handle parts in place - where they belong.

Nothing is really permanent but this stuff is close maybe. Use this thread locker on parts you don't expect to take apart. Of course you will be able to unscrew your parts again but this is going help hold it together for a long time.

Product Description VIBRA-TITE 131 is a high strength, anaerobic thread locking compound. VIBRA-TITE 131 is design for permanent locking of threaded fasteners. The product performs on aluminum, steel, plated, stainless steel, and special alloy parts.

VIBRA-TITE 131 exhibits good temperature and solvent resistant. Typical Applications VIBRA-TITE 131 will lock and seal large fasteners (1” and larger).

VIBRA-TITE 131 is used in applications where shock and vibration may cause the fastener to loosen. Properties of Uncured Material Chemical Type Anaerobic Appearance Red Toxicity Low Solids 100% Viscosity @ 25ºC,

The cure speed is depended on temperature and substrate.

Performance of Cured Material Typical Values
Fixture Time 15-20 min @ 72oF
Full Cure Time 24 hrs @ 72oF
Temperature Range -60oF to 300oF (-51oC to 150oC)
Breakaway Strength 3/8” Plain Steel nut and bolt @24 hr 140-300 lbf-in

General Information
Storage Product should be stored in a cool and dry location at temperatures between -10 °C to 30 °C. Optimal storage is 22±4°C.
Shelf life is 18 months from date of manufacture when stored at 22±4°C.
Note Vibra-TITE 131 lubricates during assembly and results in medium to high locking strength. Not recommended for use with most plastics as stress cracking can occur. Excellent environmental and chemical resistance. Product conforms