T Handle Tap wrench for #8-1/4"

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Tap wrench

  • Holds taps #8 through 1/4"

T-handle tap wrench for tapping by hand.

Tip: Small taps break easily. I've broken dozens. If you break one off in a hole, try using a punch to crack it into pieces for removal. If is broken off in Titanium, use acid such as ferric chloride and let the entire piece soak. The acid goes after the tap and dissolves it enough to crumble it apart with a few hammer/punch blows. The acid will eventually eat the Titanium but it is a slow process. I've rescued more than one project with a broken tap in Titanium by soaking it in acid. Before you ask, we do not sell any acid. Google a source. It is widely available on the net. Look for powder version and mix up a solution. Some Radio Shack stores continue to carry it for etching electronic boards but this is hit and miss.