Fabric - Sword Case Zip - 45" x 7.5"

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Sword Case

  • Zip Fabric
  • 45" x 7.5"

NOTE: The dimensions are outside dimensions (unless stated otherwise) and they are approximate. We can’t tell you exactly which of your knives will fit inside the case since some knives are thicker, some are longer, etc. Allow about an inch in length for the inside length and a half to 3/4 inch for width and you should be close. If your knife dimensions are really close, consider stepping up a size.

These zippered cases are 45" long and wide enough to handle even the largest hand guard. The fabric choice is up the factory but most are gray or darker tones. There won't be any silly or wild patterns. One of the reasons these are lower in price is this factory buys close out or end cuts of upholstery fabric and turns them into knife cases. Good quality.

NOTE: We have pictured two different style cases for illustration. You are buying the case described above.

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