Straight Router bit 5/16", 1/8" shaft

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5/16" Carbide Cutter

  • Square end so it is a side cutting burr
  • 3" long!
  • Straight Router Bit

These carbide burrs are 3" long!

Tip: You may need to shorten these a bit. Cut or notch them with a typical rotary cut off wheel. Since this is carbide,  you can snap it fairly easily where it is scored. Use the left over carbide shaft for something! Make it into a spade drill bit or sharpen it to use as a scribe.

Use these for inlay carving - or just carving in general. Very small and delicate. Use these in combination with the shield template and jig plate. Mount it in your chuck so the shaft rides against the shield template at the depth you want your shield inlay to be.