Rise Fall Indicator Premium KnifeDogs Brand Tool

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Rise Fall Indicator

This tool is used in making slip joint knives. This Rise Fall Indicator allows you to set the back spring and blade to be flush with each other in the closed, half open and full open positions. Using a tool like this saves you hours of trial and error fitting your blade and back spring.

The pins are 3/32". This is the most common size of spring pin and pivot for a traditional slippy. If you use a bigger pivot, simply use a bushing on the pin in the tool to the size pivot you are using.

The indicator is included and is rated to +/- .001" accuracy. Honestly it is a low end indicator but it should do the job. The mount is standard so you can use your own or buy a more precise indicator.

This RFI is probably different than most you have seen before.
The spring pin is pressed into a slotted slide so it is adjustable to the length of the knife. You can see the part pictured (not included for you aspiring lawyers) is a fairly large back spring measuring 4". There is still plenty of room to go for a larger spring.

The bottom slot is dovetailed and allows you to adjust the amount of spring tension you are going to apply for fitting purposes. This keeps things consistent instead of pressing on the back end of the spring to apply tension.

The base plate is tapped for mounting.

This tool is proudly Made in the USA. The dial indicator is an import.