ResinWood(tm) 1/4"x1.5"x5" Black & Tan Scales Pair - Knife Handle Material

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ResinWood knife scales
  • 1/4"x1.5"x5" pair
  • NSF - safe for food contact
  • FSC - from pulp from FSC certified US Forest
  • Dense and non-porus
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Develops a rich, warm patina over time
This is a man made material that is a wood pulp form of paper that is impregnated with resin and cured. Thin sheets of this material is stacked and bonded under heat and pressure to form "boards". Think of how tough Plywood is compared to "plain wood" and you will get an idea of how durable this material is.

This manufacture has taken steps to ensure this product is as green as possible using renewable products and during the cure process 99.3% of the evaporants (the VOC's - volatile organic compounds) are recovered and turned into an inert by product.

TIP: This material will scorch easily using high speed on your sander or with a dull belt. Let it cool frequently when working with power equipment.