Reamer Taper Pin 3/0 9/64" shank

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Tapered Pin Reamer 

  • 3/0   9/64" shank
  • straight flute
  • hand reaming recommended
  • small end size is approximately = .103"
  • large end size is approximately = .130"
  • Use this with pin stock approximately 1/8"

Tip: These tapered reamers are used in your bolsters. These will give you a slight conical hole. When you peen (or press) your bolster pin into the bolster, the tapered hole allows the pin material to blend in better with the bolster material and hopefully - eliminating those obnoxious round gray circles that show up in the bolster. This eliminates the edge of the hole that is square to the top of the bolster and helps the pin material blend into the bolster material a little easier. I use these on every bolster I put on and it helps make the pins invisible. It is recommended to use a hand reamer, but I use my drill press on slow speed. They are expensive as sin,  take care of them and they will last a very long time. If they save one set of bolsters from having those ugly round rings, they are worth it.