Reamer - Carbide Straight Flute

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Reamer - Carbide 1/16" Straight Flute
Reamer - Carbide 3/32" Straight Flute
Reamer - Carbide 1/8" Straight Flute
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Reamer - Carbide 5/32" Straight Flute
Reamer - Carbide 3/16" Straight Flute
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Reamer - Carbide 1/4" Straight Flute
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Carbide Reamer
  • Straight Shank
  • Solid Carbide
  • Chucking

Carbide reamers. These can be chucked in your drill press or used with a hand reamer handle. Straight flute so they are not made for deep holes.

Tip: To get a round hole. Drill your hole a few thousands smaller and ream to size. Carbide reamers are made for tough materials like Titanium or hardened steel.

Tip: Use HSS reamers when you can as carbide reamers are delicate and expensive.

Tip: Use plenty of cutting lube and higher speeds when using carbide.

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