Ready-Ship Evenheat KH418 with Rampmaster and Quiet Drive

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Evenheat KH 418 w/RM&SS-RTS
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Ready-Ship Evenheat KH418 with Rampmaster and Quiet Drive
Ready-Ship Evenheat KH418 with Rampmaster and Quiet Drive Rampmaster Controller Loud Alarm Add-On (Not For Set-Pro) Quiet Drive Add-On MK1 Blade Fixture Ready-Ship Evenheat KH418 with Rampmaster and Quiet Drive



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Evenheat KH 418 Heat Treat Oven


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KH 418:
The KH 418 is designed for heat treaters whose shops and workbenches come with a mortgage. Simply plug the KH 418 into any standard 120V household receptacle and you're ready to go.

The KH Series takes its design from our well regarded KF Series. It's a rugged and solid design that serves the heat treater well.

Available with the Set-Pro, Rampmaster, or TAP Touchscreen Controller.


  • 6.5” W x 4.25” H x 18” D
  • 70 lbs shipping weight
  • 120 volts, 13 amps, 1560 watts, NEMA 5-15P (Standard Household Plug)
  • Max temp on the KH series ovens is 2200F


  • Access Port (Pat. Pending)
  • Cool-touch handle
  • Corner mounting technique
  • Excellent temperature distribution
  • Full stainless jacket
  • Loud Alarm Output Jack (Rampmaster)
  • Controller Installed: Rampmaster
  • Power Inturrupt Switch
  • Responsive thermocouples
  • Side-opening Door
  • Standard Household Plug
  • Swing View Adjustable Control

Controller:(click below for more information)

Options: (click below for more information)

Accessories: (click below for more information)

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The Rampmaster has always been a preferred control for many heat treaters. The Rampmaster differs from our standard Set-Pro control in that it allows for up to 12 programs and uses a numerical keypad for data entry.

The Rampmaster for heat treating uses the Custom Mode for all programming and contains a variety of On-the-Fly adjustments and special menu functions designed for fine-tuning.

New for 2010 is our updated Alarm package that alerts you when the soak/hold period is reached and when the soak/hold period has ended. You'll never miss an opportunity to be at the oven when you need to be!

Rampmaster Controller

Custom Mode Programming

Develop your own heat treating programs using the Custom Mode. Custom Mode allows you to determine your specific temperature rates, set points and hold times. Custom Mode Programming offers 12 individual programs. Each of the 12 programs allows for up to 32 segments. All On-the-Fly features such as adding time and temperature to holds and skipping ahead are available.

12 Custom Mode Programs

The Rampmaster allows the heat treater to save up to 12 Custom Mode programs in memory. Your programs remain in these 12 locations indefinitely and can be recalled for use or modification at any time.

Numerical Keypad for Data Entry

One reason the Rampmaster is preferred over the Set-Pro for heat treating is its numerical keypad. Simply key in your data.

Upgraded Alarm Features - New for 2010

We have updated our Alarm features in 2010 to include two new alarms that help you to be at the oven when you need to be.

Beginning of Process Alarm - The Beginning of Process alarm alerts you when the oven temperature has reached the process temperature soak/hold period. The process temperature soak/hold is where your heat treating takes place. For those who like to load the oven at this point, this alarm was made just for you.

End of Process Alarm - The End of Process alarm alerts you when the process temperature soak/hold period has ended and it's time to remove the material for quenching or further processing. This is a very critical point and this alarm lets you know when to act.

General Temperature Alarm - The Rampmaster also features a general temperature alarm. This alarm feature allows you to determine the temperature when the alarm sounds.

View Segment Feature

While running, the Rampmaster displays the basic information of current temperature and time. It does not display your program settings. Doing so would be overwhelming and confusing, and that's not good. However, there are times during a program when this information must be known and View feature does just that. A simple press of a key is all it takes to see what the Rampmaster is up to.

Back Key

The BACK key has a very simple function: it takes you back to what you were viewing previously. It's helpful during programming to check previously entered data and it comes in handy when going through various Menu options. Just press it to go back!

32 Segments per Program: The Rampmaster allows you to use up to 32 segments for each Custom Mode program.

Add Time to Hold While Running

It's possible to add additional temperature to a programmed hold temperature. The ADD TEMP feature increases the hold temperature by 5° (factory default) with every press of the ADD TEMP key. Like the Add Time feature, the Add Temp feature uses a dedicated, single function key to make use easy and anxiety-free.

Suspend the Program

The Suspend feature works much like the Add Time feature, but with a twist: you may suspend the program (cause the temperature to hold) at any point in the program, not just at the programmed hold point. The suspend feature temporarily interrupts the program and holds at the currently displayed temperature. Once the suspend is canceled, or times out, the program begins where it left off. It essentially lets you "buy some time" at any point in the heat treating process.

More Features

The Rampmaster 3 has many more features including a delayed start, PC compatibility, error diagnostics, and many related menus and viewing options.

Options & Accessories

Loud Alarm Option

Cut through your shop noise with our Loud Alarm Option. The Loud Alarm sounds at a loud 80+ decibels! You'll never miss the opportunity to properly quench again.

The load alarm option alerts the user when the heat treat process temperature and hold have been reached, and more importantly when it's over and it's time to quench. Rampmaster, Genesis & TAP equipped Evenheat KF, KO, KH as well as HT-1 and HT-2 heat treat oven models include a built-in alarm jack for easy install: simply attach the alarm and plug it in.

This Loud Alarm Option is intended for use on production models as of mid-April 2014 (serial numbers 107120 and greater). For those who own an oven made prior to this date (serial numbers 107119 and lower) we offer a Loud Alarm Retro- Fit Kit that allows you to enjoy this great feature.

Loud Alarm Add-On

Power Interrupt Switch

Automatic power interrupt removes power from all heating elements as the lid is opened and reapplies power as the lid is closed.

The switch used for this feature is a true safety switch and is designed specifically for safety applications. Those wishing to enter the kiln during firing should strongly consider requesting this option as an added measure of safety.

Power Interupt Switch Add-On

Quiet Drive Solid State

Solid state relays are special switches used to turn the heating elements on and off. Solid state relays enhance control performance, extend the life of the heating elements and are expected to last the life of the kiln.

Our Quiet Drive Solid State relays can turn the heating elements on and off up to 60 times per second as opposed to traditional mechanical relays that tend to be limited to about once every 10 seconds. This fast response time translates into tighter and more precise temperature regulation.

Evenheat uses special solid state relays that will only switch the heating elements on and off when the AC voltage is at 0V. It's called "Zero Crossing" and our heating elements love it and they show that love by lasting longer!

Solid state, by its nature, has no moving parts (that's why it's called solid state). No moving parts mean nothing to wear out and nothing to replace. Unlike traditional mechanical relays, our solid state relays are expected to last the life of your kiln.

Quiet Drive Soild State Relay Add-On

Evenheat MK 1 Blade Fixture - 5 1/4" x 5 1/4"

Our MK1 Blade fixture was designed for our KH line of knife ovens, but they can also be used in the KF Line. They're well designed and provide ample space for foil inflation while being absolutely rock solid and stable. You won't have to work around these and they certainly won't fall over. The MK 1 can hold upto 4 Blades for heat treating.

Evenheat MK 1 Blade Fixture