Pocket Rubber - Self Fusing Silicon tape - Yellow

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Pocket Rubber Yellow 1"10"
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Pocket Rubber(tm)

  • Self Fusing Silicon Tape
  • 1"x10'
  • 20 mil thick
  • Temp range -85F to +500F
  • 8000 volts insulation rated
  • 750 PSI rating

This stuff is insane. It won't stick to anything other than it's self. Use it for repairs, handle grips, insulating, sealing, etc.  This is silicon based and will handle temps up to 500F. Wrap your tong handles or forging hammer handle around this for a grip or insulation.

Wrap this around that big zombie chopper knife handle to help hold onto it when fending off a zombie attack.

To use it, wrap and stretch the tape around the object, layer the tape onto it's self and it will stick to it.

Got a hose leak? Use this.
Drain hose from the sump pump need to be fixed? Use this. (this is the exact reason I bought this stuff myself)
Camping? Bring this along?
Fishing Trip? Bring this along. Secure your rods or make repairs.
Hunting Trip? Bring this. Who knows..
Tool Handle damaged? Use this.
Need some insulation? Use this.
Handling something hot? Use this.
Need to color code cable, hoses, pipes, wires, etc? Use this.
Slippery handle? Use this.
You get the idea. Try one roll and start looking around. You will find a use for it.

Tip: I found rotating the item and stretching the tape onto the item works better than trying to wrap the tape around say a handle.

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