Pivot Bushing Stainless .125"ID x .187"OD x .500" OAL

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Stainless Steel Bushings

  • Hardened 416 Stainless Steel Bushings
  • ID=.125”
  • OD= .187”
  • Length= .500”

These bushings are custom made for us. We have these in at least three lengths. Buy the one closest to the length you need. Remove any excess length quickly and easily with one of our Pivot Lap kits.


Note: These have a slight gray patina on them from heat treat. You can leave this or give them a quick buff using green chrome to give these a nice shine. Just slip them onto a wire to hold them and buff for a minute to a bright polish.


Many bushings are Phosphor Bronze (PB) and they work well for many knives. We have found some knives that when used – a lot, like balisongs or folders used in a commercial environment – experience wear in the PB bushings. Worn bushings increase blade play and loosen the knife more than some would like. The stainless bushings here will still wear but with nowhere near the rate of wear the PB bushings have.


These bushings can also be used as a non-threaded standoff using a .125” barrel pivot as the center.

These bushings can also be used as a hardened stop pin with a .125” barrel pivot as the center.


Tip: The bushing can also be used as a shouldered pin set up using a .125” barrel pivot as the center. A shouldered pin set up is a great way to stiffen up a folder. To use these as a shouldered pin, you need a .125” barrel pivot and a bushing. Drill through holes for the barrel pivot and trim to length. For a liner lock, shorten to go through the liner but under the scales. When used on a frame lock, shorten the barrel pivot to just under total width of the entire stack of blade, washers and frame thicknesses. Shorten the bushing to match the width of the blade and washer stack. The bushing will provide a solid surface to really tighten down the holding screws and reduce frame twist, stiffening the frame. The barrel pivots, going through the liners (or frames) add additional stiffness to the system. For the cost a simple .125” barrel pivot, you can really strengthen up a folder.


NOTE: Several bushings are pictured for clarity of illustration. These bushings are sold individually. We have quantity pricing in place. If you need quantities of 500 or more, contact us for a quote.

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