*Pedestal Stand Variable Height for 960 grinder

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bk-746 Stand Variable
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Burr King Pedestal Stand

  • Adjustable Height 27"-37"

Burr King Grinders do not come with a stand. These are sold as an option.
There are basically two stands, one is adjustable 27" to 37" and the other has a fixed height at 32". With all of their different machines, they have created adapter plates to use on these two basic stand models. The 960 Knife Grinder we sell here does not need an adapter plate.

NOTE: The image shows the two models of stands. You are buying the adjustable height model on the right in this listing.

Here is more information about the various models:
Burr King heavy duty pedestals are designed to position grinding and polishing machines at a convenient operator height of 33". They must be securely bolted to the floor.
Model BK-746 (Without Adapter Plate)
Model BK-746A (As shown with Adapter Plate)
Machines which use adapter plate include : 482, 562, 600, 760, and 800.
Machines that do not need the adapter plate include : 720, 960, 1000, 1200 and 1272.