PBC (regular) Anti-scale powder 1lb

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PBC Regular Anti-scale compound

This PBC anti-scale compound protects your blade from decarb and scale damage to 1650F degree during your heat treat with out tool wrap (heat treat foil).


Pre-heat your steel dies, tools, or parts to about 450°F (varies per application), ensuring that all sections are thoroughly soaked to proper temperature.

Apply a thin but complete coating of PBC compound to the pre-heated parts. Apply by hand, sifter, or automated equipment. Return to heat-treating operation.

 Remove from heat & quench in water, oil, or air cool. PBC is water soluble & is easily removed with water when hot, or at room temperature with water and/or slight brushing.

Properly treated parts will be free of scale and pitting and retain much of the original surface color and condition. Carbon content is also preserved.

NOTE: You should absolutely practice with this material. There is some technique to using it.