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Park's AAA Quench Oil

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AAA QUENCH OIL is designed to provide maximum cooling rates for austenitized steels.  Its formulation guarantees good stability because the mineral base intensifier will not saponify, stratify, nor filter out. 

Typical Properties 

Appearance:   Light Amber Oil    

Viscosity @ 100°F:   14.0 – 19.3 cSt    

Nickel Ball Time:  9 – 11 seconds    

Flash Point:   > 340°F  

Parks AAA is considered a medium to medium fast oil. Many times a quench oil is described in seconds quenching using a Nickel Ball test. The Nickel Ball quench time is 9-11 seconds.

Typical steels to use with this quench oil formula include: O1, 5160, 1080, 1084. Many others steels using “medium” speed (there is no hard and fast definition of “fast” or “medium”) will be appropriate with this quench oil.

Caution: All quench oils are flammable. Be prepared to smother a fire in your quench oil container should your oil reach Flash Point. Never quench using a plastic container to hold your quench oil! Hot metal can melt a hole in plastic and the oil leak from the hole can spread flaming oil around your shop! Keep a fire extinguisher close by.

We suggest checking the temperature of your oil as you use it. Overheated quench oil reduces the life cycle of the product. Generally, AAA works best with oil pre-heated to around 120°F.