Paragon Xpress-KM18 Furnace 5.5"W x 4.25"H x 18"D 120v

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Paragon Xpress-KM18 Furnace
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Paragon Xpress-KM18 Furnace W5.5"xD24"xH4.255"


These are shipped directly from Paragon. Lead time is 3-5 weeks.

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Paragon Xpress-KM-18 Knife Maker?s Heat Treating Furnace

Great knives are more than steel and ornament. They contain a spirit that makes them feel alive to the touch. As the knife ages, its spirit remains as vibrant as the day the maker gave the knife to the world. The spirit in their knives lives on long after the master craftsmen who made them.

In 1986 we introduced the KM-14T, our first knifemaking kiln. We are proud to announce the Xpress-KM-18, with an 18? long interior. It should be the perfect size furnace for those who need one that is between the 14 1/2? long KM-14T and the 24? long KM-24T. In addition, the Xpress-KM-18 features the economical 3-key Sentry Xpress temperature controller instead of the full 12-key Sentry. Save on the price of the furnace and still get the same digital accuracy knife makers have come to expect from Paragon. Click here for links to all the Paragon knifemaking furnaces.

Long lasting solid state relay

The Xpress-KM-18T now has a solid state relay, which lasts far longer than a standard mechanical relay. The solid state relay has no moving parts to wear out. The first thing you will notice is that the solid state relay is silent. You will hear just the reassuring hum of elements. The solid state relay makes heating elements last longer and offers better temperature control during holds. The Xpress-KM-18T includes a mechanical relay as part of a safety circuit.

Test exotic heat treating formulas

When you own a Paragon Xpress-KM-18 furnace, you can live the knife making adventure to the fullest. You will actually witness the birth of your knives in the bright red heat of the furnace. The soul is born in the furnace, because the heat treating brings out the highest qualities of the steel.

Many knifemakers enjoy owning a furnace, because they can revel in testing. They put blades through tests more severe than any knife owner would dare. Yes, they test for Rockwell hardness, but they don?t stop there. The serious knifemaker tests the knife against hemp rope and 2x4s. They bend the blade to 45° or even 90°. Then they straighten the blade, slap on a handle and test it in the real world.

The knife maker with an Xpress-KM-series furnace can try exotic heat treating methods at his leisure. Does quenching in dry ice improve blade performance? What happens when 52100 steel is triple-quenched with a one-day wait between each quench? After this treatment, will a 52100 blade bend to 90° without chipping?

With a Paragon furnace in your shop, all questions about heat treating formulas are settled. Heat treating is no longer theory. You find out for yourself what works. Testing and heat treating is at the heart of the knife making adventure. Here is where your confidence as a knife maker takes root. Through heat treating, you can master a tool steel and make it your own.

Experiment with differential hardening, an ancient bladesmith technique. Try out the newest tool steels. Are they really as good as the tried and true D2 and A2?

New higher furnace temperatures

Paragon?s knifemaking furnaces are now rated to 2350 degrees F, so you can heat treat as hot as you need to.

A message from Ed Fowler, Master Blade Smith, (Member, American Bladesmith Society)

?Paragon offered me no financial rewards or free equipment for this endorsement. I recommend Paragon furnaces only because they make an excellent, reliable product.

?I've made knives off and on since the sixth grade. I enjoy every second in the shop making knives. I used to harden and temper with a torch. As my skills increased, my testing of knives revealed the benefit of longer and more uniform soak times during the annealing and tempering cycles than were possible with a torch.

?I finally bought a Paragon furnace. It is extremely beneficial to bladesmithing, because it allows us to do things with our blades we couldn't do otherwise. If I had known how good they are, I would have bought one years before I did.

?You don't want to introduce any variables into your blades by accident, and temperature is one such variable. With a Paragon, you know exactly what causes what and why. My advice to beginning knifemakers is to use the best equipment you can as soon as you can add it to your shop. I wasted a lot of time and energy trying to make knives with less than the best equipment for the job. Invest in quality equipment, learn how to use it right, and use your time seeking the best knife you can make.

?Without my Paragon oven, I would have never made the discoveries about steel that I?ve made. I love my Paragon. That Paragon sure made a big difference in my knife making. Any experiment I want to run is right there. If I want to change a heat treatment, I know exactly how. With every knife, I learn more.

?Thermal cycles, commonly known as heat treating of blades, are the most significant single aspect contributing to the quality of a knifemaker?s blade. Knifemakers who wish to explore the absolute frontiers of the world of knives in search of the Excalibur of their dreams must have the ability to design thermal treatments specifically intended to push their steel to the highest limits of performance. Absolute control of the temperature of their blades is absolutely essential to success.

?Paragon makes a nice piece of equipment. I recommend it very highly to anyone who asks and to many people who don't ask. In order to make knives that my customers can depend upon, I have to be able to count on my equipment to provide consistent performance. My Paragon heat treating oven has always provided the degree of dependability I can count on to support my commitment to provide my customers the best functional knife possible.

?Believe me, I'm much richer knowing I'm making the best knife I can. I'm much happier with myself.?

A bond of trust between you and the knife owner

The knifemaker?s credo is simple: to create a knife that represents the knife maker himself. Quality of work is not just a fad for him. It is a passion. Anything less than one?s best is unthinkable.

The buyer of a custom knife appreciates fine detail. He or she marvels at the glistening curves the maker coaxed from the steel with such patience. There is a bond of trust between the owner of a fine knife and its maker. This is why the knife maker sleeps better when he controls every step in creating a knife.


The knife maker derives joy from working with his hands. He makes knives that are not merely prized, but treasured, sometimes for generations. When the knife owner sharpens it, he is caressing as much as cleaning it. Part of this spirit of knifemaking is lost when you send the blade out for heat treating and await its return.

Every time you, the maker, release one of your knives to the world, your reputation goes with it. Your reputation is engraved right into the blade for all the world to see. This is why makers feel compelled to control every step in the blade?s journey from initial design through final polishing.

No more waiting for commercial heat treating

A Paragon Xpress-KM-series furnace sets the knife maker free. No more wrapping blades and shipping them to your heat treater. No more waiting until you have a dozen blades to get the best price on heat treating. No more turning away orders for last-minute gifts.

While your furnace is hardening and tempering blades, you can busy yourself grinding more knives or fitting handles. After you?ve used your Paragon furnace awhile, you will wonder how you ever got along without it. When asked to make a knife on short notice?whether for a Marine Corps awards presentation, a celebration or retirement party, or an archaeologist on his way to Africa?you will be ready. When a custom knife is needed as a going away gift, and the recipient is leaving in three days, you will be ready. Your KM-series furnace might even pay for itself on rush orders you would otherwise have missed.

Own a furnace and you alone decide when you will complete a knife. If you stay up one Friday grinding a knife, you can heat treat it that evening and deliver it Saturday morning. Just in time for a grateful wife to present to her husband on his birthday.

Finishing a knife whenever you want will excite you. You will find yourself working into the night to complete a new design. When you send the blade out for heat treating, the excitement of making will be forgotten. By the time the blade returns, you hardly remember it.

A full range of Paragon furnace sizes

The KM-series knifemaking furnaces come in five interior sizes:


  • KM-14T and Xpress-KM-14: 14 ½? long, 5 ½? wide, and 4 ¼? high
  • KM-18T and Xpress-KM-18: 18? long, 5 ½? wide, and 4 ¼? high
  • KM-24T and Xpress-KM-24: 24? long, 5 ½? wide, and 4 ¼? high
  • KM-36T and Xpress-KM-36: 36? long, 5 ½? wide, and 4 ¼? high
  • KM-45T: 45? long, 5 ½? wide, and 4 ¼? high


Most knives can fit inside the KM-14T. Our most popular size is the KM-24T. The KM-18T or Xpress-KM-18 is the medium-length furnace that may be all the furnace you will ever need. On the other hand, it may be wise to choose a longer furnace than you currently need, because you won?t be limited by furnace size. After all, it doesn?t hurt to heat shorter blades in a longer furnace such as the KM-24T; electrical consumption is minimal.

Your choice of two temperature controllers

The Sentry 12-key controller is faster to program and has more features than the Sentry Xpress 3-key controller. However, the Sentry Xpress is more economically priced. Now you can choose the controller that fits your budget.

Models with the 3-key Sentry Xpress controller: Xpress-KM-14, Xpress-KM-18, Xpress-KM-24, Xpress-KM-36.

Models with the 12-key Sentry controller: KM-14T, KM-18T, KM-24T, KM-36T, KM-45T.

Solid furnace construction

The door open downward easily with one-handed operation. A counter-weight handle holds the door securely closed. The furnace is insulated with refractory firebrick. The elements are mounted in dropped, recessed grooves machined into the firebrick. Paragon invented this type of groove in 1952. The groove protects the element for long life and low maintenance, qualities that have made Paragon furnaces legendary. Elements are simple to replace because they?re exposed rather than embedded. You can thread new elements into the grooves following clear instructions in the manual.

The temperature sensor (thermocouple) is sheathed for long life. The thermocouple wire is kept inside the control box and out of the way for protection from the harsh environment of the typical bladesmith shop.

The firing chamber is protected by a rigid steel case painted in high temperature blue. A built-in stand lifts the firing chamber safely off your worktable, so no extra stand is needed. The door is mounted on a heavy-duty hinge shaft for smooth opening and long wear. Because of the rigid case and heavy hinge, the door is sturdy enough for years of faithful service. A chain holds the door open and out of the way so you can remove hot blades without bumping into a swinging door.

A micro safety switch shuts off the power to the elements when the door is opened, yet the temperature controller remains powered. The safety switch is standard on Paragon KM furnaces. The Xpress-KM-18 also includes an on/off toggle switch.

We use high temperature wire in the switch box for long life. A heat shield, mounted between the switch box and furnace, helps keep the switch box components cool even during extended operation. To further dissipate heat, the switch box is extra large and slotted. Each furnace comes with a cord and plug for immediate installation, and a one year warranty.

Detailed heat treating instructions

Your furnace includes a wiring diagram, programming instructions, and heat treating manual. The manual gives you basic heat treating instructions for D2, 440C, ATS 34 and 154 CM. The manual is written in plain English for the beginner.

Made in America

45% of Paragon?s factory work force has been here over 10 years; 20% have worked here over 20 years. All paragon furnaces are made in America. We are proud to support the American worker.

Optional Gas Injection Flow Meter

During heat treating, scale forms on the surface of the steel. One way to eliminate most scaling is to wrap the steel in stainless steel foil. Another way is to install the gas injection flow meter on your furnace. It is available as either an add-on kit, or you can order the furnace with the meter installed.

The meter regulates the flow of an inert gas, such as argon, inside the furnace. The gas displaces the oxygen to prevent most scaling.

Please remember that results with the flow meter vary depending on the type of inert gas you use and your level of experience. For more details, click on the link in the Options section below.

The knifemaking Kit

In addition to the furnace, you will need a Knifemaking Kit, which separates the blades and holds them parallel inside the furnace. Please click the link below in the Options section.


Max. Temperature










Breaker Size


Circuit Wire Size

12 gauge

TUV tested to CSA and UL Standard 499




Control Type

Sentry Digital 3-key Glass Control





Disclaimer: The specifications above assume that the kiln will be plugged into a dedicated circuit. Local electric codes supersede our recommendations.

The pricing and electrical specifications for the above products reflect their design for use in the United States. The International versions of most models will have variations in electrical specifications and price due to consumer safety requirements or electrical regulations.

Kiln Type

Front Loading Square



Understanding Chamber Measurements

Chamber Volume

0.24 CU.FT.
6.80 litres

Chamber Width

5.50 IN
140 mm

Chamber Depth

18.00 IN
457 mm

Chamber Height

4.25 IN
108 mm

The Outer Size of the Kiln and the Shipping Size: Width = Left to Right; Depth = Front to Back; Height = Top to Bottom

Outer Size

23.00W x 21.00D x 14.50H Inches
584W x 533D x 368H mm

Ship Size

28.00W x 28.00D x 23.00H Inches
711W x 711D x 584H mm

Ship Weight

130.00 Lbs.
58.97 Kg.

Doorway Clearance Needed

21.00 Inches
533.40 mm


Sentry Digital 3-key Glass Control Control Type


Sentry Xpress 3-Key for Glass Fusing and Jewelry 

We simplify high-temperature firings so you can immerse yourself in creating breathtaking ware. The powerful little Sentry Xpress version 4 micro processor is packed with features. On glass and jewelry kilns, the controller includes Single-Speed and 8-segment Ramp-Hold modes. 

  • Single-Speedmode is quick and easy for simple firings that need only one speed fired to one temperature. Choose from five speeds, and enter the temperature. 
  • Ramp-Holdmode lets you program custom firings with up to 8 steps, or segments. Fire thick, large glass pieces such as bowls and platters. Slow the cooling through the annealing range. Trade firing ?recipes? with friends. 
  • Skip Segmentskips past a segment during Ramp-Hold firing without having to stop the kiln to reprogram. 
  • Hold(soak) maintains a specific temperature in both Single-Speed and Ramp-Hold modes. Use hold to give you greater control of the final stage in fusing or slumping. 
  • Add Hold Timeduring firing in either mode without having to stop the kiln to reprogram. 
  • Change Target Temperaturein Ramp-Hold during firing without having to stop the kiln to reprogram. 
  • Program Reviewlets you check that the program you are about to fire is correct. 
  • Temperature Alarmcan be programmed to sound when the kiln reaches a specific temperature. Set the alarm to remind yourself to check the kiln before the expected shutoff time so that you can watch the glass as it reaches its perfect stage of fusing. 
  • Storage MemoryRamp-Hold mode can store 4 programs. 
  • Delaycan be set to turn on the kiln later to suit your schedule. 
  • Temperature Displaythroughout firing and cooling in your choice of °F or °C 
  • Thermocouple Offsetadjusts the thermocouple readout. 
  • Instruction Manualis written in plain English. This colorful, illustrated manual will guide you through each step. 
  • Quick Start Guideshows programming instructions for both firing modes. Place it on the wall near your kiln for easy reference. 
  • Error Messagesreport mechanical problems such as a disconnected thermocouple, stuck relay, temporary power failure during firing, or a broken element. 
  • 12-Month Warranty 
  • LED Lightsshow whether you are in program, review, or firing mode. 
  • Quick Release Connectorson the back of the controller permit fast removal without tools.