Mandrel Ball Bearing - Bench

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4224 bench mandrel
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Bench Mandrel 4224
  • Threaded shaft ends are 1/2"
  • The shaft is 11" long
  • The maximum outside distance between the pillow blocks is 8"

Use this to build a double ended disc grinder or buffer or combination. The pillow block mounts are ball bearing type with collar locks to keep the shaft in place. In the center of the shaft is a 2" Congress drive pulley. The ends are threaded, one end is RH and the other is LH to take into account rotation. Mount your threaded tools on the end according to your motor rotation. Finding LH threaded attachments is probably difficult but not impossible. I would use the LH threaded end for a buffer. There are LH and RH threaded nuts supplied so all you need is a large fender type washer for mounting buff pads.

Common uses for bench madrel are: buffer stations, power splitting to multiple tools using one motor, power for a flex shaft, wire wheel, Beartex(TM) or Scotch(TM) wheel (duburring), double disc grinders. Generally, this is the most economical way to build a buffing and polishing station.

TIP: The shaft is 5/8" and the existing pulley can be removed and replaced with a 3step 5/8" arbor hole pulley. You will need to build some step up mounts for the pillow blocks as the diameter of the 3 step pulley is wider than the pillow blocks are tall.

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