Magna Visor Headset 1.5x power

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Magna Visor Headset

These visors have an adjustable size headband and the visor hood will swivel up and down to focus on your work. The visor hood can also flip up out of the way as shown in the picture.

The optimum viewing range (where your focus is best) varies with the diopter power. The smaller the power of the visor, the farther away you are from your work.

I've worn glasses since I was a kid and had to get bifocals when I hit 40 years old. I use two different powers of these when I am doing precision work. I use the low power for grinding and the high power for close up hand work. Your vision and needs will vary I'm sure.

Your knife can only be as good as you can see it. If you have any blurring in your vision at all, you really want to get something to see your work as good as you can. I've seen knife makers work decline as their vision declined. They thought they were doing just as good of work as they used to because that is what they could see.

These will fit over your glasses.