Leather - Strip 2"x72" - Make your own Leather polishing belt

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Leather - Strip 2"x72"  - Make your own Leather polishing belt

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Leather Strip 2"x72"
  • This is a leather strip that is 2"x72".
  • You can cut and make your own if you have a hide that is 72" long and has no hard or soft spots through that entire length. 72" is long!
It is made for rifle slings but will work perfectly to turn into a 2"x72" belt for sharpening. The belt has a hole in one end that will need to be cut off. This loses you about an inch in length. You will have to glue the ends together with another 1.5" overlap so you really end up with a belt that is around 69" long. This won't be a problem for most any 2"x72" grinder out there but I want you to know what you are getting.

To make your own leather belt.

  1. Cut off the end that has the hole.
  2. Taper the raw side 1.5" to the end.
  3. Taper the smooth side 1.5" to the end.
  4. Remove a little extra thickness on the raw taper to allow the smooth end, when glued in place, to be even on both sides.
  5. Use a good quality leather contact cement like Tanners or barge.
  6. When you connect the two pieces together, use a hammer to pound the finished side smooth.
  7. Run the belt in the direction that won't peel back the joint.
  8. Mark that direction with a marker on the inside of the belt.
  9. Keep the speed down so it doesn't fly apart.
Use with Flitz, Green Chrome buff or other very light abrasive compound.

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