Knife Scribe - Magnum with 1/8" carbide scraper

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KMS567 - scribe - magnum
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Knife Scribe

  • 1/8" carbide scribe
  • a massive 4"x 1.75"x.75" 
  • .75" pillar rod

This is a magnum size scribe. When I had Travis, owner of Precision Plus who is our crack machinist design our knife scribe I told him I wanted it big and beefy. He made it big and beefy. It is large enough to easily hold in your bench vice. It is almost large enough to be your bench. This weighs 1lb 4oz. Uses a knob for adjusting the pillar. A set screw holds the carbide point in place. A tool this large and over built is an heirloom tool. I think you will like it.

Tip: In use, darken the edge of the blade with Dykem or even a black maker. Set the scribe to as close to the middle as possible by eyeball. Scribe the edge, flip the blade over and scribe it again. You will have dead center by either over lapping lines or two lines with a blank space in between. I prefer two lines with a space instead of one line.
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  1. This thing is solid- my grandkids will use it!
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    Great product, and the quality is outstanding! The only change I might consider would be making the Hole in the main body D shaped like the pillar rod to help keep the carbide tip in line.

    Review by Evan

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